Boardwalk Badness spanking fun

The first night of this wonderful party went very smoothly. Between the vender’s fair, the fashion show and spanking skits, it was a group of spanktastic time.

I vended and sold some of my DVDs as well as promoted the opening of my new paysite. Still waiting for Visa though, sorry ya’ll. It’s a bitch to wait.

I was SOOOOOOOO happy to seem my good friend, Pixie. As most of you know, she has been sick. I have missed her very much not only in the spanking world, but as my friend in the vanilla world as well. If you are reading this, glad you made it….Love you!

At the Vendo’r fair there were lots of great spanking skits performed. Here is a little synopsis of the one’s I participated in.

After all the spanking skits, I decided to try out Robospanker….that was a hoot. I want one!!!!

I had a lot more fun getting spankings from Richard Windsor, David Pearson of Punished Brats, and Dana Specht, and Miss Chris again as my last spanking before bed. A full night of spankings for a naughty Sarah.

Richard Windsor heating up my bottom again.

I had a fantastic time at my first party night here in Atlantic City. I also want to give a shout out to a new spanking friend, Joe/DrLectr from fetlife. He as been my helper this weekend driving me to Starbucks, a clothing store I loved, helping me set up my vendor’s table, and being my photographer and videographer in the video shoots I have been doing as well. He has taken most of my photos this weekend. He is a very trustworthy guy and great friend.

Goodnight, see you tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Boardwalk Badness spanking fun

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    WOW, it looks like you are having a spanking good
    time. I am so glad to see that Pixie is there, I hope
    she is taking easy and not over doing it.
    I love the look on your face when you try to say
    you are sorry to Miss Chris, to bad it didn’t work.
    Have fun
    Love You

  2. Richie

    Glad I “found” you again. Looks like quite a time in Atlantic City. Your bottom looks pretty sore! Maybe next Monday I’ll have enough for a dance.. no promises though. Good to see you anyway. xoxo


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