P.O. Box still here: Sarah’s wish list

Sarah Gregory
PO Box 616
Broad Brook, CT. 06016-0616

My faithful fan AK, has sent me some really cute PJs for my birthday present. i will be sure to war these in an upcoming video and give him a shout out. I love getting spanking implements that I can use in my videos and publicaly spank for them, as well as panties you would like me to wear for shoots or spanking scene, clothing too. Anything really that relates to what I do. There a a few implements I am looking for and here are the links on ebay with photos of them. I know my birthday just passed, but it is never too late for presents, especially ones that you will see being used. If you buy me something I will take photos of myself in it to give to you and you can spank me with that implement if I see you at a spanking party.

Leather rose flogger

Oxhide leather heart padle

Pink spank me panties size med

I also love pink leather, hearts, I want pink leather wrist and ankle cuffs as well.

This is all just suggestion. I feel I do a lot for the fan, so throwing out ideas. Don’t feel offended if it is not something you choose to do, I don’t mind, again just ideas.

2 thoughts on “P.O. Box still here: Sarah’s wish list

  1. paul down

    hi Sarah,

    So pleased that you jhave pledged to wear yuor new pyjamas for a shoot soon. I have a pyjama spanking blog and naturally love ot see a girl getting punisned in her pyjamas. Your shadow lane piece with jenni Mack was brillient.

    Please let us all know when this shoot occurs .

    Oh yes unlike the one you did for punished brats could you just wear your pjs and like the exceelnt shadowlane shoot have some of the spanking over your pyjamas pants.

    looking forward to it already , best regards Paul


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