All kinds of Spanking

Some readers suggested in my last post that if I posted more regularly, I would have a bigger following, however when I did this in the past, it was pretty much the same. I will however try this. I can promise to post once a week, and if I attend a spanking party, I will post more on it. This is something that I can most likely manage right now along with everything else in my busy life.

I wanted to write on a topic that I have been thinking about before I leave to go away for a week. I will be traveling somewhere very warm with a few friends and leaving this weekend after performing a solo in my choir’s concert.

What I want to write about is spanking and the different kinds that interest me and their differences in meaning for me.

The Therapeutic spanking: This is a spanking that meant to give some sort of emotional release and/or cathartic feeling. This can be from a man, but preferred by a woman and I like to be OTK on a couch or bed so I can lay my head down and have it supported. It is given over clothes first as to ensure a good warm up and then they are peeled off layer by layer. There can be little to no talking from the spanker or there can be some words of caring, encouragement, love, and advice. It would be similar to the spanking I received from Stephanie Locke. I may cry, but not out of pain, out of emotion and releasing my feelings of happiness, depression, or any other emotion that is taking over me. When I am really down and needing to feel loved, taken care of, given to, these spanking are very very helpful to me and something I crave on a deep level. It is almost hard to describe the feelings that I experience. Not being a super hard player, these spankings are very good in that they don’t exceed my limits, but maybe the occasional spank is harder than others in the various of tempo and severity, which is something I like. Some soft, some light, some fast, some slow, some rubbing.

The Sexual spanking: Has to be given by a woman that I am attracted to. Usually a light to medium intensity with some hard ones. It is given over panties first and then they are stripped down not long into it. Mostly given by the hand OTK or bent over the side of the bed. It is not as long as the therapeutic spanking, but still long enough to get me sexually aroused. Sometimes I get turned on faster than other times. Most spankings make me wet, but I can be wet as a reaction to the spanking and not actually sexually turned on, just to make the distinction. When turned on, I am super wet, dripping almost, thighs sticking together and often may start to get naked in response to the warmth I begin to feel all over. I have only had a real sexual experience after a spanking as such from a couple woman so far. I hope that I can experience this kind of a spanking with my new girlfriend. At the end of the period of spanking, I usually like the area between my legs slowly and lightly rubbed against as the spanking continues, ever so lightly teasing the area and driving me to want more. Eventually either by electronic stimulation or a simple finger, I can almost cum instantly if not in a few minutes. However, if too much time goes by between the spanking and sexual pleasure, it may be harder for me.

The on Camera Spanking: This is obviously in a spanking being video recorded for a video. It is usually quicker than either of the previous kinds of spanking. My reactions are more outward and I make a lot more noise. This is done for effect and to set the scene of the video. I am not faking it, I just push for my reactions to come outward rather than stay inward. This requires more work on my part. Not only do I have to focus on how my body is feeling, the emotions and pain, but I have to show the viewer this through my reactions. When I don’t have to worry about viewers, I can focus on me more. My reactions are always real and I have sometimes asked the spanker to go harder to get more out of me sometimes, but not all the time. It depends how sensitive my bottom is and how much it has already gotten. I will be in whatever position fits the video and whatever implements fit it as well will be used, however I still do like it to start with hand and over some sort of clothing. Doing video scenes allows me to be part of many of the spanking fantasies that I have had over the years and imagined, such as mother-daughter, teacher-student, father-daughter, aunt-niece, therapist-client, ect. I typically like the more traditional scenes and situations. My recent spanking with Clare Fonda on Spanked Sweeties explore the therapist-client fantasy I have had for years. Her and I plan to continue this concept in future videos, as it was very powerful to her and I. When doing videos, I love to help in the creativity of the video, be allowed to come up with ideas and offer advice on ideas already. I like to ad-lib as opposed to a script, so I can be more real and free with it. I have had nothing but positive experiences within the spanking video world and look forward to making more videos with the many producers I have worked for and more new ones. This is my career.

The Bedtime Spanking: Not meant to hurt at all, mostly light and with hank OTK, done at night before bed starting over PJs and working way to the bare. On a couch or bed so I can rest. I have been known to fall asleep due to complete relaxation. Helps me de-stress and center myself. I like it most when done by a motherly or fatherly type as a parent putting their child to bed. I usually only get this kind of a spanking when staying with spankos, at a spanking party, or staying at a producers house while at a shoot. I like this kind of spanking a lot and it is something I crave on a deep level.

The Disciplinary Spanking: This is obviously not a kind if spanking I prefer to get. It is on the hard to medium side, but not exceeding my limits. It could be hand or implement. It is meant to teach me not to do something I have done. I don’t crave these kinds of spankings at all and the few I have been given, not by anyone who is a non-spanko, stand out in my mind. I don’t think that they work for me, they just make me feel bad about myself and worse. I like to role play discipline to meet other deeper needs, but being punished for real issues this way is not a need. Some of the issues I deal with or mistakes I have made I would rather talk out with someone and work through it that way. I don’t mind if I am disciplined for something small, like forgetting to clean, ect, but for a deeper issue that hits home more, such as an accident, being self-centered, bossy at times, or not having self-confidence I don’t need a spanking for.

Though taken from Punished Brats, this is a good photo to show how I might react to discipline. This video I did with David Pierson as my first on camera male spanking was powerful. I took the emotions deep and let myself actually go there in my head. The issue of playing parents against each other is something I actually had done in the past, but in a different way than the video put it. so this was a good scenerio for discipline and I took on the role well.

The Playful Spanking: This is a shorter spanking. I may provoke it by doing little things that are annoying. It still may hurt and be disciplinary, but not in a deep way or really painful. I may do things such as push all the buttons in the elevator, annoy someone, say no to someone when they ask me to do something, hide something, make fun of someone playfully, ect. I am looking for a spanking deep down, but don’t know how to ask for it, so I do these things to provoke a spanker. I am not expecting super hard, but when they grab me or drag me, are vocal, and pull me over the knee it adds to effect. I like these at a spanking party as they set the scene nicely for a spanking. I laugh and say ouch as the spanking progresses. It is not very long but fun at times for both the spanker and spankee.

Summary: I like a spanking usually OTK and by hand. I prefer women to men. I don’t crave discipline as much as other forms of spanking. Spanking makes me wet, but not always turns me on. I love doing videos as I can explore my fantasies. Playful spankings I can provoke.

6 thoughts on “All kinds of Spanking

  1. paul down

    wonderful to here you love to get bedtime spankings. You did a great pyjama scene over at Shadow lane. where you werer spanked on yourt jammies beofre being bared. You also wore just your pyjamas with no underware which is the wayto go about it in my view. Just a shame you dont do more like that one.

    regards Paul

  2. Funbun

    Hi Sarah,

    A very nice approach to the various spanking ways, given by somebody who experienced them all and many times. Straight from the heart; your OWN experience and exactly that makes it so great to read… 🙂

    Personally I like the Playful approach best. Spontaneous, on the spot, playful, with lots of humour and plenty of spanks.
    The threatening that comes first, the taking over the knee, the slowly and gradually baring of the buttocks and slapping, caressing and kissing the soft globes… When she gives in and relaxes a few firmer smacks will make her ‘alive’ all over again.. To extend such plays for a long time…

    I really DO hope that your friend will learn how much fun spanking can be and hope to see you over her knee one day with a lovely glowing bottom… As a ‘warm’ token of her love for you.

    You certainly earn it.

    ((((Hugs)))) Erik aka Funbun

  3. tim

    Sarah very nice post yes i love to see girls spanked otk playful is great with the other girl getting her own back and lots of other themespankings too ,thanks for your reply look forward to next post ,love and spanks from tim xx

  4. Southerngirl

    I find your discussion of sexual spanking fascinating. What you described bears out what research on female arounsal has found: there is a subjective/emotional arousal and then there is the objective/physio arousal. The two may NOT necessarily synchronize. I just never thought that a spanking would have the same result! The ideal would be to experience both of course. Thanks for your candid thoughts. You know I’ve never been spanked, ever.

    Southern girl

  5. Jon

    Hi Sarah:
    I love your work! I recently saw your vids with Abi and Audrey on their site. The elf one is sooo funny! Any chance you girls will work together again soon?

  6. Sarah Gregory Post author

    paul down – Glad you liked my Shadow Lane video, it was a lot of fun to shoot.

    FunBun – I appreciate your long response. My new gf however id really not into spanking although open to the idea of spanking me as a part of our sex life, but couldn’t do it for other reasons….oh well.

    tim – Thank you, glad you liked my post.

    Southerngirl – I alway like when you comment. Good insight and feedback.

    Jon – I loved filming that video, it is one of my faves. I hope to work with them again soon.


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