Hello from Vegas

I just got home from Vegas where I attended Not only my first Shadow Lane Party but my first spanking party ever. Friday night was the Vendor’s fair. I worked behind Clare Fonda’s table and had fun talking up many of her newest films as well as the older ones. We sold out of all of the videos I was in with her….no surprise there…lol. She wished that she had brought more videos starring me. The most recent one, Long Weekend, wasn’t available yet at the party, however you van view it on GirlspanksGirl now.

Enjoy some of these photos from my first night here.

Me and Clare before we go to the vendor’s fair


It wasn’t long into the fair/party until spanking started taking place. I first found myself over the very stern but loving Miss Chris’s knee as a crowd of party guests gathred around to watch.

Next The lovely Jenni Mack dressed as the cutest girl scout I have ever seen wanted to take a whack at my spankable bottom.

I felt so honored to have the famous disciplinarian, Dana Specht, take me over her lap next and spank me with her very solid hand. She was such a nice woman who really knew how to make me feel like that naughty little girl that is inside of me.

Next it was Clare Fonda’s turn to receive a hard spanking from Miss Chris.

Now keep in mind that I had already been spanked all day prior to the party as I did a really cool shoot for Clare Fonda’s spankedcallgirls. But hey, we all go to these parties to either spank or be spanked…..so the dream of lots of spanking from so many wonderful spankers was becoming a reality. I couldn’t wait to see what was to come the following day. Wow, spanking parties are so fun. It is one thing to be spanked on camera, but quite another to do it for fun and off camera and I finally got to experience that and wow…that is all I have to say.

I also had the opportunity to finally meet many more of the people in the spanking scene and other celebs that I had been wanting to meet for so long. Among these wonderful people were……

Danny who stars in many of Shadow Lane’s videos.

And the beautiful Erica Scott

I also got to meet Arthur Sire who also stars in Shadow Lane videos and was not fortunate enough to have a photo with him. I got to see my friends Tony ands Eve again of course. I also had the pleasure of meeting the world famous Mistress Stephanie Locke…and I will never forget the incredible spanking she gave me, which I will talk more about in my next post.

In this photo Miss Chris, Jenni Mack, Clare Fonda, and me,

8 thoughts on “Hello from Vegas

  1. tim salisbury

    Wow,Sarah you had a spanking good time and met many spankos you are a lucky young girl the photos are great thanks for sharing with us .look forward to your next post .love from tim x

  2. Ben (Ugootk)

    In any of your spanking poses: Catch the legs: Catch the facial expressions, and above all, catch the beautiful bottom. Three areas of perfection. ( Hope you enjoyed the chocolates-write back)

  3. AK

    Hi Sarah
    It looks like you had a good time in Vegas and
    got lots of spanks. The pictures are great, you
    look so beautiful in green you should wear it
    more often.Thanks for sharing the pictures
    with us you are one sweet lady.
    Love AK

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