My hardest strapping to date

Was from the wonderful and absolutely gorgeous Chelsea Pfeiffer. On my last trip out to the west coast I was spanked quite a lot. I did a worked for the sexy as hell Clare Fonda, the beautiful Chelsea Pfeiffer, and of course the gorgeous Audrey Knight and super cutie Abigigail Whittaker. I also received a personal spanking as well. I promised Chelsea I would not show up bruised and I kept that promise. However, I was not off the hook. I was given a long spanking to learn how to have good PR, especially when interviewed publicaly. About halfway through the spanking, Chelsea admitted that she thought I learned my lesson, but she was going to continue to hard strapping because she was having fun.

This said by her:

As Chelsea strapped, she noticed how colored Sarah’s behind was becoming.
“What is it about you?” Chelsea asked, “Every time I spank you, you get all bruised.”


“I think you’ve learned your lesson,” Chelsea offered.
“Yes, I have,” Sarah promptly replied.
“But, now I’m just having fun,” Chelsea casually commented as the stepping up the intensity of the strapping.

“Sarah was taking a serious strapping the likes of which only the hardest players Chelsea has spanked have taken.”


What was it about this particular spanking that made me completely let go of any type of control I was holding onto? I became a total submissive I think for the first time. I felt so unbelievably safe and comfortable and trusting to the point of going beyond what is a normal medium spanking for me. I went somewhere else in my mind and this was a different hard to explain spanking for me. As most of you have seen me very vocal during a spanking, this one was more internal for me and I turned inward instead of outward which I usually do. That made it such the more intense. There was a sort of emotional release I was experiencing. It stirred up a lot for me and I went back to where I was staying while out in California and cried the realest of tears you can get. I cried because I had been holding it in and then it all came out. I had a very intimate and reveling conversation with Sassy Jane where I let my guard down and bared all emotion. This spanking in whatever way forced this belated reaction out of me. Witness a different kind of spanking than I have ever taken before.

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6 thoughts on “My hardest strapping to date

  1. Chelsea

    I’m not sure how I feel about having taken you to such a place in your emotions as I did with that strapping. I did ease up once I saw how marked you were getting. Okay, this is going to sound cold, but I don’t mean it to. Next time you feel close to tears, let it go girl! It would be beautiful and you’re beautiful!

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  3. maddo

    that looks and sounds like a pretty intense session Sarah. Hope the accompanying emotional release helped you hey. Also great pictures posted too. You still look gorgeous taking it though hey!

  4. oldben

    Saw your update on CP, REALLY enjoyed it. Pants down just above knees, writhing under the brush and strap, look and feel of a real punishment spanking. One the hardest hairbrush & strappings I’ve seen outside of Dallas or Realspankings.

    I liked that you took it so stoically, “taking your punishment like a big girl”.

    Sarah…your one of my favorites. Follow you from site to site. Young, attractive girlish looks but you always take it like a woman.



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