Sarah joins Veronica Ricci’s NEW website

So my model friend Veronica Ricci has an awesome brand new website, Spanking Veronica Works. This website deals with spankings in the work place. Veronica goes and tries different jobs and gets a lot of spankings along the way.

I shot for the website at FetishCon this year and my video is already up. It is called, Spanking and Singing and was a very fun video to shoot. I always love working with Veronica. She is super sweet and not to to mention HOT as hell!!! She always tells me what a good spanker I am, which is nice to hear. I switched in the scene and got some time over Veronica’s knee as well.

Here is the synopsis of the video  – Veronica Ricci auditions for a singing job with Sarah Gregory, who is a musical snob. Sarah spanks and canes Veronica long and hard for wasting her time. But Veronica is not happy with her marked bottom, so she overpowers Sarah and gives her a spanking too. She even makes Sarah sing spanking scales.

And some awesome photos…

I am looking forward to the next time I get to shoot with this super HOTTIE!!!!

3 thoughts on “Sarah joins Veronica Ricci’s NEW website

  1. Tim

    Sarah i am a great fan of young Veronica and belong to all of the Cameramans sites which she features in with other lovely girls big spanks galore blushy botties ,love and spanks from ,Timx


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