I have one more year in my 20s….

Ok, so I am having a lot of mixed feelings this year with this being my 29th Birthday. I like celebrations, but at the same time, to think I am almost done with my 20’s is tough to get my mind around. If I would have looked forward 10 years when I was 20 I would have NEVER thought this is where I would be. I had my life all planned out. But we all know how that can go. I was going to marry my high school sweetheart, we would live in the hometown I grew up in, have 3 kids. I would be an elementary school teacher, him a therapist with a house and a 2 car garage. We had it all planned. Then I came out as a lesbian and then as a spanko…..then life as I knew it changed. Yes I am happy that it changed since I love my spanking life and friends, but wow, who woulda thought?? I mean I alway said I wanted to be famous one day and every Birthday candle I blew out that was my wish…but I guess it came true in a way. I just didn’t know it meant famous in the spanking world. So yes I am happy, but be careful what you wish for, it may just come true in unexpected ways.

I had a great Birthday celebration with my good friend Benman when he was here visiting me in January to see the play I was in. His Birthday was yesterday, so we celebrated together. Other than going out to dinner after my choir rehearsal tonight, I am not doing much. I got a few gifst from varioius family members and some of my spanking friends and fans sent me some gifts from my wishlist, and some very thoughful cards. Momma sent me an amazing card that meant so much as the message really spoke to me. I love when cards really portray a relationship and are perfect. I know when I am getting someone a card, I look and look until I find the right one. The vanilla wishes are pouring in on my facebook page (yes it is vanilla).  It is nice to know that I am thought of by my friends this day.

Here are a couple of photos from my recent shoot with CTPhotographer. He is very talented behind the camera and with editing. Oh and not to mention an awesome spanker.


8 thoughts on “I have one more year in my 20s….

  1. Daddy

    You are my Angel! Have the best birthday ever! I can’t wait to see you in March. The marionette pictures are wonderful!

    I love you, SweetCake!!


  2. NJSpank

    Happy Birthday my lovely lady,

    You should know that so much more is coming for you. You are just beautiful and a fun lady, bottom or lap, amazing lady. Hope your theater work is going well. Life is worth living each day to the fullest and the older you get; the better it is.



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