Break ups suck

Just wanted to give my readers some updates. I haven’t had the best start of 2013. I was broken up with this week and was just told I have posterior tibial tendonitis so life kinda sucks right about now. I am in a play and we open Thursday night, so dancing on my injured foot, not the most fun. I do have some good times coming I hope. In March Momma comes to visit and I will go to Texas to visit Daddy.

Love and Hugs, Sarah

5 thoughts on “Break ups suck

  1. ChardT

    Breakups are no fun but the tendonitis really sucks. I had that in my left shoulder from a gym injury and it took damn near six months of inactivity to get it to heal up completely. Don’t overdo the dancing and rest it as much as possible. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Mark Byrnes

    Dear Sarah
    Cheeky girls always have good times coming. Don’t worry about useless break ups or just a injured foot, when we hear you are not in strife or causing trouble that’s when we better start worrying.Cheeky Girls Fear Not.

  3. Mike

    hope you feel better sarah iam sure 2013 will get better for you soon your sweet smaert caring friendly young girl keep head up thing will get better


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