New Year’s Resolutions

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


Mine are

1. Blog in a more timely fashion

2. Get my two new paysites up and running

3. Get back to a regular work out schedule and tone up

4. Tons more shoots

5. Take care of myself more (i.e. drinking water, vitamins, etc.)

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. MIKE

    spankings getting spanked

    fidning a female to date and have her spank me good

    quiting smoking or trying to

    work out more to get in better health

    looking find a female to spank me or give me good spanking to help me get to my goal above

  2. paul

    I resolve to pester you into doing a few of your pyjama spanking shots without underwear.

    Well at least asking you nicely right now. You look devine in jammies and I would just love to see more shots like those you did for shadowlane.

    regardless I wish you all the best for the coming year Sarah.


  3. NJSpank

    Geeting and giving as many spankings as I can.
    Work on droping some more pounds.
    Smile more.
    Take care of my loved ones.
    Hug my kids as much as I can.

    Much peace and happiness for the new year!

  4. SBA

    Happy New Year!! 2013 will be a big year…

    Finding time to work out is definitely high up there for me. Love working out but always stuff to do.

  5. Mike

    Not doing so well on the “posting more often” resolution. Sounds like you need to stand in the corner for an hour young lady!


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