Pixie’s Wedding

What an amazing weekend I had. I spent Thursday night hanging out with my dear friend, Amber Pixie Wells, at her house. We had so much fun talking, hiking, frolicking in the woods, having a pillow fight, going out to eat, and just spending time together. It was so hard to keep my mouth closed as to why I was visiting her for the weekend. I bet you all thought we were doing a shoot….hehe. Well as you know now, I was there to celebrate her wedding with her. She posts about it on her blog. Friday, we all went out to have our nails done, then I helped Pixie with her hair. Saturday was the big day. Pixie was such the princess. Her dress could not have been more perfect. The joy, contentment, and love from her face were radiating all around her. I kept saying, she could be on the cover of a bridal magazine. Her hubby looked so very handsome too. Just like a fairy tale wedding. She found her prince and they are living happily ever after.

As you can see from Pixies blog, our pillow fight was very fun. And spanking is not what happened when us two brats got together. It was a pillow fight. Maybe there would have been some spanking if we had a top around Thursday night. As you know Pixie is 100% a bottom and being a bottom is my preference, even if I have been seen topping in the past.

Here are a couple more pics from our time Thursday night. Oh, and there might be some of us frolicking in the woods to come later.

And then the wedding (photos include, me, Pixie, David Pierson, Beverly Bacci, and Richard Windsor)

And I caught the bouquet

Mmmm, it was chocolate rassberry

The spanking buddy gang

7 thoughts on “Pixie’s Wedding

  1. Pixie

    Thank you so much for coming to the wedding and it was great having you here for a visit. Wish it could have been a little longer. Next time! Miss you. 🙂

  2. Dr. Ken

    Sarah–thanks for sharing the photos of the wedding! And the two of you look very cute in your PJs.
    Good shots of the PB gang, and of your garter, and congrats on the bouquet!

    Dr. Ken


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