Hello from the house of Pixie

Just wanted to write a short update. I am away this weekend visiting my dear friend and spanking brat buddy Amber Pixie Wells. We are having a great time hanging out, catching up, and taking some really cute pictures. I will post more about my time here when I get back home. Actually it is kinda funny because at this very minute we are sitting side by side on our laptops. Anyways, check back after the weekend for some photos of us and more updates.

3 thoughts on “Hello from the house of Pixie

  1. Richard Windsor

    Hiya Sarah!!

    It was a pleasure to meet you also, you are so full of energy 🙂 If you email me at houndog_windsor@yahoo.com and I will send you the zipfile of pics that I have.

    The one of the PB crowd is included and I would probably prefer the copy I have being posted instead of the one you have. Reason being I made a slight edit which I am sure you will see and understand 😉 Even tops are vain!!

    Email me anyway because I have some plans for you for your site.



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