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Lone Star Spanking Party: You know you wanna go

So, as most of you know, I am running the Lone Star Spanking Party along side my Daddy, Tubaman, and my boyfriend, John Osborne. As of now it is the largest national spanking party out there. Last year we had about 320 attendees and this year we expect even more. We are very newbie oriented as well, so don’t feel scared about coming if you are new to spanking parties. We like to make everyone feel welcome and make sure everyone has a great time. We have a PACKED full amazing schedule of events a fabulous list of Attending talent, Pro Disciplinariansas well as an amazing hotel to party at. One of the fabulous events that also makes us stand out is our HUGE VENDOR’s fair. As of now we have 30 confirmed vendors and we open our Saturday fair to the adult public. Check out our FETLIFE GROUP and FETLIFE EVENT PAGE.

Here are some photos from last year’s party! Click on the Thumbnails to see the full photo!

lone_star_01 lone_star_02 lone_star_03 lone_star_04lone_star_06 lone_star_22 lone_star_19 lone_star_18lone_star_07 lone_star_08 lone_star_10 lone_star_09lone_star_05 lone_star_12 lone_star_11 lone_star_13lone_star_16 lone_star_14

Don’t forget to REGISTER to join us in May for what is going to be one of the best national spanking parties ever!

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