Final fun in L.A.

So, I have posted on all of my shoots that I did while I was in L.A., but I did a lot more besides shooting for Girls Spanks Girl, Spanked Sweeties, Good Spanking, and the all new Spanked Call Girls. I went to the Hollywood Wax Museum, strolling along Hollywood Blvd., Santa Monica Pier, Hiking with Chelsea, and out to some nice dinners. I am going to post some of my favorite photos from all the above mentioned activities. I hope you like them.

Here are a couple favorites from the Wax Museum.

And of course I had to get a picture in front of Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Clare Fonda and I went to Santa Monica Pier.

And finally I went Hiking with Chelsea Pfeiffer. It was actually really difficult as I am not used to hiking. My whole body ached the next few days, worse than my poor bottom did from all the spanking. It was really beautiful though to look out over the mountain as we hiked.

We were so so so tired from the climb up…

Also, I got the privilege of being thrown over Chelsea’s knee for some spanking photos at “Pixie’s Peak” You can see Amber Pixie Wells get spanked on this famous peak on Good Spanking.

Out to dinner with Chelsea.

Chillin’ at Chelsea’s with her and Clare Fonda.

GOODBYE L.A……I hope we meet again soon!

3 thoughts on “Final fun in L.A.

  1. Funbun

    Great to see that Chelsea took you to the hill-top (like she did with Pixie) for a good spanking. 🙂
    There’s a lot of good chemistry between you and Chelsea which makes the spanking scenes look very good. Hope to see more of that hill top spanking. Preferably with your shorts and panties down…
    XXX, Funbun

  2. Dave

    I’m gonna’ havta’ visit the famed “Pixie’s Peak” hiking area sometime.

    [great pix! and the pic of you and Chelsea and Clare together–what a team.]


  3. Clare

    Can you please take that pic of me down i look like i am taking a dump on your lap. All the other pics of me are beautiful as is your blog.


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