It’s ALIVE!!

Sarah Gregory Spanking is now a live member’s paysite ready to be joined except for Vias, which will take another two weeks or so to go through. This has been a long and coming project and goal and it is finally coming true. I have financially done it all myself and am very proud. I can’t write a whole lot here now as it is very late at night and I have spanking friend’s from out of town here to shoot this weekend. We are shooting some very good scenes. All the shooting I have been doing for what I had called “my site one day” is finally here.

The first videos on the site are

Credit Card Comeuppance

Skirt Too Short

This is the blurb taken from the site.
“Sarah Gregory Spanking is Sarah Gregory’s new spanking website which offers traditional disciplinary spanking, playful spanking, and sensual spanking. My members section will feature many new faces to the spanking world as well as have many other established fetish and spanking stars on here through at least 4 updates a week including photos and videos. The spanking stories here involve females and males and are edited, directed and produced by a girl who has had a spanking fetish for as long as she can remember. The videos will vary in length depending on the story line. Sarah Gregory will be seen not only as a bottom, but also doing quite a bit of topping. She will be spanked by both men and women, but only top women.”

I will share some photos from this weekends shoot soon and let you know about the progress of the visa. I hope you all like my site.

xxxooo, Sarah

8 thoughts on “It’s ALIVE!!

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    Congratulations on the new site, you must be very happy to have it up and running.
    I will become a member as soon as Visa is available.
    Again congratulations
    Love AK

  2. tim

    Sarah i have joined your new spanks site it is nice to be with you on your travels there ,my favourite is girl girl themes of spankings but daddy whacks are good for a change ,hope a lot of our spanko friends here will join as well ,love and spanks from tim xxx

  3. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Thank you everyone for your congrats. I am getting members rapidly by the day and it is soooo exciting. I am updating a lot in the beginning so the new members have content. Thanks again for all your support.


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