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I have been busy editing and burning DVDs, printing more calendars and photos to sign as I will be vending at the Texas All-State Bottoms up party on March 12th-14th. I am much looking forward, as I have never been to Texas before let alone this particular spanking party. I will be selling lots of new DVDs. All titles will be available here after I have them all edited and ready to ship.

I have a few scheduled shoots so far and will be looking into booking more trade shoots with other models who will be there or other female or male tops willing to play my mom or dad and have their face on camera. I finally was able to afford a nice HD sony digital camcorder, so I will be able to film more with a more professional quality.

I am also going to continue my custom photo sets and have expanded into custom videos with no frontal nudity or topless stuff. If you have an idea of something I can do alone with a camera on a tri-pod, let me know, I will charge $2 a minute to be able to use it in my clips store as well or $5 a min for it to just be for you and no one else would see it.

I can do:
1. spanking clips with one of my photographers who is not willing to have his face on camera, so the spanking can be themes, but it will cut off his head, there would still be dialogue and such.
2. I am also going to be shooting with a few new girls entering into the spanking world, so if you want to custom something with them that I can also put on my site, let me know. I want 15-20 min scenerios, with spankings.
3. I can also do bondage/damsel in distress clips, tickling clips, and any other non-nude interesting idea you ask me about.
4. Self spanking is an option as well.
5. I would do a virtual lap-dance if requested, and that would have a little topless in it.
6. I can talk specifically to you, dominate you through the screen, ect.

I have had a few photo shoots with Dick Obrien lately and with two new models whom spankings are being discussed to film at future dates.

Sarah Gregory and Raquel Summer

Sarah Gregory and Lynn Summers

8 thoughts on “Busy Busy…Updates Updates

  1. AK

    Hi Again Sarah
    Sorry I hit the wrong button.
    I love the pictures above you look so beautiful and sexy.

    I also received your calender yesterday and all I
    can say is WOW. I would highly recommend that
    anyone who wants to see a very beautiful and sexy Sarah Gregory send for one, you will not
    be disappointed.
    Hope all is well

  2. Richie

    Talked to hot girl at the Blue about you.. she’s into spanking also and is really crazy! Name is Yesinia (real name Ashley). May contact you after seeing your site. Think you could work with her. I’ll tell her to get in touch. C u soon.

  3. corey

    you offer custom videos now? oh my god, I would love a custom video of you and another girl spanking each other, maybe rubbing baby oil on each others tushies! no topless is fine with me, I have a tushy fetish anyway and yours is absolutely gorgeous! love the scene currently being updated on Sinn Sage’s site with you!

  4. mike

    Hi Sarah – I remain *very* interested in having you make some video for me. I am interested in that $5/min rate for getting video that’s just for me. I can give you interesting, fun scenarios to try out – I really enjoy doing 1-model customs. We chatted a month or two ago about that but it didn’t pan out; I am still interested. Please email me if you’d like to revist that. I have the cash in hand to support at least several 20 minute romps of some sort performed by you with your new HD camera and I think it’d be fun. All you have to do is write back to me and let me know if you want to get going on this, and I am in for at least a video or two to see what happens. If you are more thinking in terms of getting content for your website, I would be delighted to give you as much $2/min work as you could want to do meeting somewhere in the middle of my fetish interests and any particular direction you want to take your clip efforts. I think this would be mutually rewarding and fun. Let me know…


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