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So, I have some more photos and stories to share from my Shadow Lane party experience. Thank you to all who commented and read my last post about the spanking I received from Mistress Stephanie Locke.

Saturday started with a day full of shooting. I shot for Clare Fonda’s sites, spanked call girls and Girl Spanks Girl. I had the pleasure of being spanked by Miss Andi a star of Northern Spanking and I also got to play the part of the sister of beautiful and cutie, Amy Hunter, also from Northern Spanking. We shot a video called Mothers and Daughers 2009 and this will be available to be viewed on Girl spanks girl in May.

Here are a couple of preview photos of from the video Mothers and Daughters



I also FINALLY received my long over due Birthday spanking from Clare Fonda. I couldn’t ask for more. It was great and of course stingy. We made this into a short clip that will be available on Spanked Sweeties this week.

The day before we shot a video for Spanked Call girls where I got to work with the lovely and stern Miss Chris for the second time in a video and play side by side the cute Jenni Mack again. I love working with these two and hope to many more times.

The bare spanked bottom is Jennie Mack’s

After getting spanked By Miss Andi and Clare Fonda, I headed over to the other hotel to shoot a short video for Northern Spanking., I had met them the night before and it was such an honor. I have wanted to work for them for quite some time, but it is difficult to travel all the way to Scotland for that. However, they would LOVE for me to come over there and shoot a day full of videos, so I am attempting to plan a trip to the UK sometime this summer to do a European spanking tour. Who knew that my bottom would bring me all the way there one day? If anyone would like to help fund this tour, they can donate. It would be so very much appreciated. Any companies that would like to book me, I am open to it, so make suggestions and offers. I hope to make it over there sometime in June or July.

Me and the girls of Northern Spanking at the Shadow Lane Banquet

Clare Fonda and I both planned to wear red to the party. As she put it, we were like Cabernet and Merlot, the perfect pair of hotties.

Miss Chris and Jenni were so cute dressed in 1960s costumes. What a perfect pair.

That wraps up my first Shadow Lane party experience. Thanks guys… was a blast and will be remembered forever.

6 thoughts on “More about Shadow Lane

  1. AK

    Hi Sarah
    I love the picture with you and Clare in red, you
    really do look like sisters.By the time the
    weekend was over you must have had an awfully
    sore butt?But I bet you will be back for the next
    Shadow Lane party.
    When are you heading back to Punished Brats??I can’t wait to see you over David
    Have a good weekend
    Love AK

  2. Clare

    David, you are sweet. We look nothing alike but she is always welcome to play my daughter. xxx I know you’ll give her a great spanking.

  3. tim salisbury

    wowgreat photos Sarah lots of spanked botties lovely ,it will be grand to welcome you toEngland andscoland when you come over in the summer love and spanks from tim xx

  4. Funbun

    Could you post a few more piccies of Miss Chris, Jennie Mack’s and You… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Or tell me where I can find more piccies of those wonderful three girls …?
    Love and kisses, Funbun

  5. maddo

    wow you do look gorgeous in that red dress Sarah! ๐Ÿ™‚ and those spanking scenes look great, love the pout in cornertime shot especially.Glad the Shadow Lane weekend was so good for you too!
    Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lisa

    HI Sarah! Look! I am commenting! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, now that I have started, you won’t be able to shut me up! I am very much looking forward to meeting you. Loving our chats. You are an endearing brat…who is earning herself some quality time over my lap. AWESOME blog, and fantastic pics. See you SOON, bad girl! xo ~Lisa


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