Meeting Jaye Lynn

This past week I had the opportunity to meet and work with model, Jaye Lynn. Dick Obrien, photographer, introduced us as he felt that we both had the kind of look and personality that would work well together in videos and photos and boy was he right.


She is a professional fetish model who especially loves to be tied up.


Although she considers herself a submissive when it comes to bondage and spanking, she just couldn’t resist taking a swing at my oh so spankable bottom. I enjoyed bratting off to her during a few spanking scenes that we shot. These scenes should be available on Clips4Sale soon (I will let you know when they can be purchased and viewed). I also hope to use the full photo sets and video clips one day when I have my own site, which is a goal of mine.



Jaye is such a nice person and I am so happy that I had the pleasure of getting to know her. I look forward to working with her a lot more in the future. We already have come up with so many more ideas for video scenes as well as photo sets.


6 thoughts on “Meeting Jaye Lynn

  1. AK

    Hello Sarah
    I love the pictures and the one with you in
    yellow (all I can say is WOW).You are such a
    beautiful young lady and it looks like you
    have a lot of fun doing your modeling.
    Have a great week
    Love AK

  2. Dr. Ken

    Jaye Lynn–meet Sarah.

    Palm–meet bottom.


    Some lovely photos, Sarah. I agree–the last one of you in yellow is something special. Kudos to you, Jaye Lynn, and Dick Obrien.

    Dr. Ken


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