Where am I?

Where is the lovely moi……Sarah Gregory, this week in the spanking industry?

If you feel like checking out some of my recent work, you can check me out and watch me on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s site, Good Spanking. She has just posted the first part of the Chelsea Spanks video I shot with her. Let me know what you think. You can download and view the video at Good Spanking

Here are some sneak peak photos from the video

Also, I get spanked last week and this week in the Clare Fonda video Exclusive Education 3. You can see me over Miss. Fonda and Principal Miller’s (played by the lovely Lana) knee getting a hand spanking as part of the EE3 class. Watch my bottom turn red as I scream and cry out in pain in EE3 at Girl Spanks Girl.

And here are some sneak peak photos from EE3

5 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Winchester

    THis is a really generous update in terms of photographs. Thank you.

    I have watched you on EE3 – but were your reactions the way you always react? Somehow I can’t imagine you having squealed so much in Clare F’s car when you begged her for a spanking! There was omething close to mass hysteria in the EE3 classroom – and (just as a personal comment) I thought Sinn Sage and Kay Richards had a more natural reaction. Had you been briefed to kich and squeal quite so much?

    Anyway, nothing could take away from your beautiful presence and yes- the tiny knickers really did add to your charm 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Sarah Gregory Post author

    Dr. Ken – Thank you!

    Dave – Thank you too!

    Winchester – You’re welcome. My reactions were real (don’t know what you mean by always react?), Clare spanked me harder that day than she has ever spanked me from what I remember. We were told to scream, cry, and react how we would react in that situation and react to the pain. That hairbrush was what bruised me the most too…owwww.

  3. Ron

    Excellent pictures and the video is definitely a fantastic one.
    It looks painful so I’m sure it actually was. I sometimes wonder that you always manage to stay in position. I know myself that it can be pretty challenging to stay in position.


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