I want a spanking!!!!

I know, I know, sounds a little weird to want a spanking, but not to a spanko. Spankings are and were considered a punishment, but for me, they can be a punishment or just for fun. I like when I am punished with a spanking for being sneaky or naughty from a maternal figure. I like getting spanked in a playful and sexual way from a lover or someone around my age. Of course, I am talking about other females. Being single right now and not having many shoots lately, I don’t get to get spanked. It isn;t like I ever included it in my personal life much anyways, but still, I crave it. I just close my eyes and imagine a stern firm female hand coming down, “whack” on my bottom as I lay OTK and I smile……oh how I wish. It was oh so bad that I could not attend the S L spanking party. Everytime I go to do a shoot, i am always asking my spankers, off set mind me, to spank me. Clare Fonda will attest to how much I beg her to spank me off camera. I have a kind of funny story to go with this;

On my first trip to the west coast Clare Fonda took me out to a dance club one night before the shoot for the long video Call Me First, which is on Girl Spanks Girl. After the club closed and we left, I was feeling, well let’s just say a little tipsy….ok, very tipsy. I asked Clare if I could go to her place so that she could spank me, as I said, I always wanted to be spanked while I was drunk. She said we couldn’t go to her place. We couldn’t go to my hotel because Chloe Elise, my shooting partner and friend, was sleeping. So, after we pulled into the parking lot and after much begging on my part, Clare pulled me across her lap in the car in the hotel parking lot and starting spanking me. She was pleasantly surprised at how much I was taking and said how my butt was such a good shape. I didn’t want her to stop, but she had to as she couldn’t mark me up before the shoot the next day.

So, there you have it. I love getting spanked and I wish I was OTK this very moment. Maybe my wish will come true. Too bad ll you spankos don’t live closer to me….dammit.

16 thoughts on “I want a spanking!!!!

  1. Funbun

    Hi Sarah,

    I recommend you to go to http://www.spankthatbrat.com and click on spanking models wanted.
    Or go to “Audrey” at MySpace.
    She is developing – together with her girl friend and sub Abigail – a brand new website, that ‘m sure you will LOVE. All FF… Audrey is a great spanker and you will certainly know that you’re getting spanked.. But she is a lovely and compassionate woman too…
    Good thing: they work in Michigan, so not that far away from you..! Tell Audrey that Erik advised you to contact her and you will find yourself over her knee in no time…
    I informed her already.

    Love and XXX, Funbun (aka Erik)

  2. Bob T.

    You have a great website that I stumbled upon. I hope you get the spanking you need and want soon. Have a great day.

  3. Kelly

    Oh I COMPLETELY understand that feeling! I find myself saying that i want a spanking atleast once a day. My partner and I are long distance and we talk on the phone and I’ll actually throw a tantrum that would normally earn me a punishment spanking b/c I want and can’t have a spanking right then :).
    I hope that you are able to get that urge fulfilled soon or it could lead to some bratty behavior. πŸ™‚ good luck! and love the blog πŸ˜‰

  4. Sarah Gregory Post author

    FunBun – Thank you, Thank you!!!! I contacted her and it looked like it will work out with Audrey. She is very happy that I contacted her and I hope to be over her knee soon.

    Bob T – Thanks….me too!!!

    Kelly – Thanks. Glad we share this feeling as many of us spankos do.

    Chloe – HEHE….I that pic was perfect to illustrate my story. I had forgotten the extra spanks in the room, how could I? Thanks for adding more.

    Dave – me too!

  5. Dr. Ken

    Well, I’m the wrong gender, so even if I DID live close to you, it wouldn’t help you out much…LOL

    But I know the feeling. I live in Minnesota, and there’s NO ONE here in the state to play with–that I know of, anyway. And there are days when I just desperately want to turn a lady over my knee and paddle her bottom….an overwhelming feeling, at times. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

    Best I can do is wait for the spanking group Chicago Crimson Moon to have one of their parties. I’ve been a member of the group since the beginning, so I know I’ll find a lot of willing ladies to play with. The downside to that, of course, is once the party is over I have to wait 3 months or longer for the next chance to play.

    And, of course, the desire to spank someone usually doesn’t lie dormant for that long….

    Dr. Ken

  6. nooch

    Hi Sarah,
    I live in NJ and would LOVE to give you the spanking you so desire…I’m a teacher, too, so could that overcome the gender thing???

  7. Lord Hard Hand

    Great story. I agree with you Sarah, it’s sad that us spankers live too far from you.

    Keep up the good… great work

  8. Ann

    I totally understand! I am a married woman and I ask my husband to spank me and not hold back. He does it and does it well, but he worries too much that this isn’t right. I get totally turned on and want that alpha domination. I could be spanked every night by him and not get tired of it. I’m lucky if it’s once a month. I think he thinks I have issues. lol. No, I really like the whole part where he undresses me, gets out the hairbrush and puts me over his knee. I’m turned on right then and there. I have to ask him to spank harder. He does it and I love it. I just wish he didn’t feel, well, bad about it. I’m only into men spanking me, but I’m sure you could find women to do it. Women are very vicious about it. lol. They do a good job. It’s hard for me not to look for a dom that would do it and have it not be sexual. It wouldn’t be good for my marriage, but boy am I ever tempted to look for a man who will not feel guilty about putting over his knee and baring my butt for a good old fashioned otk. It actually relaxes me. The old endorphin rush and I’m addicted to it. Good luck.


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